10 dresses that every woman should have in her wardrobe

Even girls who adore jeans could confirm that you can't do without dresses. But it is not so easy to navigate the abundance of styles and colors, there is a possibility to buy something that you will not wear later, and liken your wardrobe to a warehouse with clothes.

Little black dress

Perhaps the most legendary of all dresses. It is universal, there are many variations, which will allow every woman to choose the one that suits her 100 %.

Red dress

Unlike black, a red dress carries the message "Look at me!" to the world, and such a character as" the woman in red " is already surrounded by a certain attractive halo. Perhaps every woman should experience the magic of a red dress.

Maxi dress

There is an opinion that long dresses look good only on tall girls. In fact, they are suitable for everyone: short maxi dresses with gradient length or cutouts are recommended. And on the plus-size figure, straight-cut dresses with a noticeable waistline will look good.


Sheath dress

The sheath dress is conservative, but at the same time feminine. It is simply irreplaceable at business events. And it is worth choosing bright accessories for it, and it will transform into a more solemn version. In addition, it goes to everyone without exception.


A-line dress

A-line dress is a trapezoidal dress with a narrow bodice that expands downwards. Such dresses look perfect on slender or skinny girls — they emphasize the fragility of the physique. They are no less suitable for girls who are taller, in addition, trapeze dresses will help disguise problematic thighs and stomach.

Shirt dress

The shirt dress was invented by Coco Chanel, transforming an ordinary men's shirt. Such dresses can be worn for walks or on a visit, or worn to the office, if you do not have a very strict dress code. And this dress is also an interesting combination with jeans.


White lace dress

Lace has long been considered a luxurious fabric, previously it was worn only by aristocrats. Clothing made of it makes a woman noble and refined. These dresses are great for dating and walking. It is best combined with accessories in brown and black colors.


Cocktail dress

If the event you are going to starts in the afternoon, feel free to wear a cocktail dress. It is more convenient than an evening dress on the floor, it is more democratic, does not restrict movement, and therefore is indispensable for going to a club or to a disco.

Long evening dress

Most likely, such a dress will not be useful to you often, but you should have at least one copy in reserve. More suitable for such dresses is formally considered the evening time — after 19 o'clock, they are worn for special events, weddings, important receptions.

Comfortable casual dress

And of course, a simple, inexpensive and comfortable dress in which you feel comfortable and at ease. Perhaps the best choice if you are going to study, for a walk, to the cinema with friends or to the store.